Be Free Baking

The BFB Story

My name is Karina, and I’m a mother of three and a devoted wife. Over a decade ago, my baking journey began when I discovered my oldest child’s dietary restrictions. I wanted her to feel included and enjoy every moment, even at classmate’s birthday parties. However, the lack of gluten and dairy-free options in local stores motivated me to learn the art of allergy-friendly baking myself.

Driven by the desire to create something truly delicious, I delved into the world of baking, starting with the classic brownie. It took a year of dedicated weekend baking, but the result was worth it – a recipe that won the hearts of everyone who tasted it.

At Be Free Baking, we believe allergy-friendly treats should never compromise on taste and quality. While there are now many gluten and dairy-free options available in stores, we are a discerning bunch, and our passion lies in delivering treats that taste just as good, if not better than their conventional counterparts.

Creativity and fearlessness in the kitchen define our approach. We don’t settle for mediocre; instead, we constantly experiment to perfect our recipes. Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients is unwavering. No greasy treats or overpowering oils – just wholesome goodness that will delight your taste buds.

Our journey has led us to bake Brownies with no worries – a delightful treat that your friends and family will love too. Join us on this delectable adventure, where everyone can savor worry-free brownies, crafted with love and care.

At Be Free Baking, we cherish the joy of sharing moments with loved ones. Let our brownies be the sweet treat that brings happiness to your gatherings, celebrations, or simple moments of indulgence.

Experience the Bliss of Allergy-Friendly Brownies – Be Free Baking!