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We are your ultimate online brownie bakery! Indulge in our delectable allergy-friendly brownies, crafted with care in our ghost commercial kitchen located in Broward County. While we don’t have a physical storefront, our convenient online platform ensures easy ordering and delivery to South West Palm Beach County, all of Broward County, and North Dade County. Experience worry-free indulgence with our scrumptious brownies and place your order with confidence today!

Our mission is to provide delicious, high-quality brownies that cater to individuals with dietary restrictions. 

 Experience the joy of our mouthwatering brownies, which are not only allergy-friendly but also bursting with flavors that will leave you craving for more.

 Our brownies are carefully small batch handcrafted with love and consideration for those with various dietary needs. At BFB whether you’re gluten intolerant, dairy-free, nut-free, or have other food allergies, our delicious brownies are the perfect solution, offering you the freedom to savor without hesitation. Be Free Baking allows you to taste the freedom of indulgence.

 No one should miss out on the simple pleasure of enjoying a mouthwatering brownie. 

 Explore our online brownie bakery and discover the joy of savoring these delectable brownies. Our unique recipes ensure they will not only meet but exceed your expectations in taste and texture. From classic chocolate goodness to seasonal variations, there’s a perfect brownie for every occasion and taste preference.

 Thank you for visiting our online brownie bakery! We hope you’ll join our growing community of happy customers who can now savor these allergy-friendly delights without any worry. So go ahead, place your order, and treat yourself or your loved to an unforgettable brownie experience!

 Welcome to the world of Be Free Baking – brownies with no worries!